Facebook Page photoI was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and I have loved every day growing up in this multicultural city. There is nothing like waking up and getting to taste the world’s delicacies, enjoy other people’s cultures and experience different hobbies within an hour of travel. I am a huge sports fan and adore board games. I have always treasured the arts, stage performances, thought provoking movies and instrumental music. Since I could remember being in the spotlight, running around with a camera in my hand, and thinking about the world as a large stage production; has always been the blood that courses through my veins.

Over the years I encountered hundreds of setbacks and even to this day I am struggling forward millimeter by millimeter. But, with the pain and scraps I’ve had to endure, I can think back fondly to how each circumstance has made me a better person and how blessed I am to even be alive. Nothing great in this life comes easy it’s as simple as that.

I now know that a large group of people can associate with someone that has gone through many of the same type trails they have. So with my various difficulties throughout my life I feel I am just that person that many individuals can relate to. I pray that people will feel that the main goal of my life is to help as many people as possible.

Lastly, I really want you to come here and for you to feel relieved. Whether it’s through tears of familiarity, an idea you agree with or just something that made you smile, this is a place of healing and I hope it can change your life for the better. Thanks for stopping by.