For 26 years I was overweight, depressed, medically sick and miserable. I had tried time and time again to search for different methods to lose weight and take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle. But I could never find a person who could show me every single step of their voyage. I would often be confused and I would give up. When I finally gathered all the information to start my lifestyle transformation in November 2012, I decided that I needed to document the whole process for others.

As I started to change countless other precious people in my life also started their own journeys and who made dramatic changes to their own lives that I had the pleasure of documenting. It then dawned on me that I needed to speak to anyone who would listen, and what better way than to speak to the mothers and grandmothers of this world; the ones who usually control most of what multiple generations put into their bodies. So my mom came alongside and shared her personal journey as well!

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